Air curtain suppliers, Australia

An air curtain prevents loss of air-conditioned or heated air whilst helping with your energy bills.

Air curtains are an efficient way for dust and insect proofing of your premises.

The correct air curtain selection will protect against the effects of smoke, noxious fumes, flying insects and dust.

Air Curtains Australia provides a variety of air curtains.
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Airtècnics – Optima air curtains.

Airtècnics Optima heated & ambient air curtains, Recessed heated & ambient air curtains. Wall control & Infrared remote control included.

Optional: Clever control (programmable, automatic, intelligent, energy saving, Modbus RTU for BMS…).

Available in 1500mm and 2000mm.

Levante – Commercial air curtains.

Single phase power, 240V.
dual speed, with infrared remote control.
ambient air – NON HEATED.
lightweight, mounted up to 3m in height.
available in 4 sizes, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

Spartan – heated air curtains.

Spartan heated air curtain, is designed to generate a continuous air stream with enough volume and speed between areas of differing environmental conditions,
without hindering the movement of people or vehicles, thus saving energy, time and money.
New type cross-flow fan design has the characteristic of evenly air outlet, high air volume and low noise.
Heating function can be selected in 3 power levels.
The PTC heater is uncharged, high performance, safe, prompt temperature rise, low wind resistance and long using life.
The cover and air outlet are made from aluminium, which has the advantage of being fire resistant.
Optimised air conditioner motor, reliable performance can operate continuously for 5000hrs.
By wireless remote control, it can switch cool to heating function, adjust air speed easily
Available in 5 sizes, width 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

High Air Flow Air Curtains.

2 speed remote control, Air velocity of 13 metres per second (m/s) on high and 11 (m/s) on low 10 amp power point plug.
Install onto mounting plate, minimum 2.3 metres above ground level
12 month warranty – parts only.
Available in only in 2000mm.

Industrial Air Curtains.

The air is drawn in from the front of the unit and is blown out downwards.
All-metal housing, advanced water and fire resistance, simple installation and easy cleaning.
Adopted optimized electrical motor, reliable performance, can continuously operate for 5000 hours.
Centrifugal motor IP55 rated

IP 55 Enclosure Characteristics:
Protection from dirt, dust, oil, and other non-corrosive material. Complete protection from contact with enclosed equipment.
Protection from water, up to water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction.

Several units can be mounted next to each other. Under such conditions, allow a narrow space in between 20-40mm.
During installation, the mounting plate should not have a gap between the walls.
The distance between the unit and the ceiling must be at least 30mm.
The unit is installed horizontally.
Recommend installing the machine at the height of at least 3M above the ground.
A triple pole switch should precede the appliance with at least 3mm breaking gap.
Contact us regarding our stainless steel option.
vailable in 5 sizes 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

Recessed air curtains.

Single phase 240V power, dual speed, remote control, high air pressure and low decibels,
adjustable vane that allows you to regulate the direction of the air flow, flush mounted in ceiling,
Available in 5 sizes, width 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

Stainless steel air curtains.

Single phase power, 240V.
Dual speed, 2 speed remote control, high air pressure.
Works great in a number of environmental conditions, as the uniquely designed air outlet can produce wind in several directions.
Available in 5 sizes, width 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2000mm.

Frico air curtains.

Ambient & heated models.

Above door and recessed models.

Please download Frico above door air curtain manuals:

PA2500 Series

PA3500 Series

PA4200 Series

PA2200C Series

PA3200C Series

Please download Frico recessed air curtain manuals:

AR2200 Series

AR3500 Series

AR4200 Series