High air flow air curtains



Our air curtains produce high speed air, dividing the inside and outside of the room.
The interior air conditioning is maintained and the air is purified whilst energy is saved. 

The air curtain will protect against the effects of smoke, noxious fumes and flying insects.


First of all air curtains help promote a comfortable indoor climate for customers and employees.
Having the doors open with air curtains installed provides a comfortable indoor feeling.
Air curtains save energy and protect the indoor environment from dust, fumes and insects.
Air curtains are easy to install and maintain.

Cold-storage facilities without an air curtain increase the inside temperature by up to 5 degrees.
If the door is left open for five minutes, the temperature inside the cool room will go up by 10 degrees plus.
When air curtains are installed the temperature goes up by only approx. 2  degrees.