Industrial Air Curtains

Industrial air curtains




Powerful 3 phase industrial air curtains save energy and protect the indoor environment. 

Air curtains can be installed up to 7 metres high.
The air is drawn in front of the unit and is blown out downwards.
Several units can be mounted next to each other.
(Under such conditions, allow a narrow space in between 20-40mm.)
Installing an air curtain creates an efficient and invisible door to control 
indoor temperature, fly control in cold storage areas.
Air curtains are suitable for installation at  food processing, distribution centres, abattoirs, cold storage, large factories, loading docks.
During installation, the mounting plate should not have a gap between the walls.
The distance between the unit and the ceiling must be at least 30mm.
The unit is installed horizontally
Motors are IP55 – Also available in stainless steel.