Stainless steel air curtain can be mounted to heights ranging from 2.5m to 4m.
The uniquely designed air-outlet guide can produce wind in several directions to work well in various environment conditions.
The stainless steel air curtain has a two speed remote control.
The stainless steel air curtain can safely run for 5,000 consecutive hours.
Stainless-steel air curtains are easy to clean and maintain.


Stainless steel air curtains are suitable for different applications in cafeterias, bakeries, abattoirs, butcher shops, cold storage units, waiting rooms, restaurants, large stores, department stores, sports centres, food shops, electronics factory, museum and food processing plants.

Installing Air Curtain in Cold storage facilities

Cold-Storage facilities without an air curtain increase the inside temperature of their cool rooms by up to 5 degrees, This is a very good reason to install an appropriate air curtain.

If the door is left open for five minutes, the temperature inside the cool room will go up by 10 degree plus. when air curtains are installed the temperature goes up by only approximately 2 degree. Its cost up to 50% less in energy cost to reduce the inside temperature to -5 degree with an appropriate air curtain.