Frico air curtain


Frico ambient & heated air curtains, above door and recessed models.

First of all Frico strives to develop air curtain systems that provide energy saving heating solutions and better heating comfort at the same time.
Reducing energy losses and making optimum use of the heat is also important.
Air curtains in doorways and openings contribute to large energy savings.

Because today’s high and increasing energy prices often make heating costs substantial.

Furthermore it makes sound economic sense to create an efficient and invisible door that keeps the heat inside.
Installing an Frico air curtain can be even more effective when used in air conditioned or cold storage buildings.
Thermozone technology with its precisely adjusted air velocity gives even protection throughout the opening.
Frico air curtains provide the most efficient separation with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Stylish air curtain for entrances, with remote and integrated control.

Creates a temperature dividing air barrier.
Effectively prevents cold drafts and gives excellent heating comfort in door ways, such as shops, offices and public offices.

Remember the following when selecting air curtains:
Ensure that the airflow reaches the floor at optimal air velocity, the installation height (not the height of the opening)
is crucial for the choice of air curtain.
Above all the air curtain must cover the entire width of the opening (or height for vertical units).
Finally Frico air curtains are available in various lengths.

Please download Frico above door air curtain manuals:

PA2500 Series – installation upto 2500mm

PA3500 Series – installation upto 3500mm

PA4200 Series – installation upto 4200mm

PA2200C Series- installation upto 2200mm

PA3200C Series – installation upto 3200mm

Please download Frico recessed air curtain manuals:

AR2200 Series – installation upto 2200mm

AR3500 Series – installation upto 3500mm

AR4200 Series – installation upto 4200mm



Note: Sire Basic control is included. Sire Advanced Control is available, if Building Management Services (BMS) is required.

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