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Heated air curtain.

Heated air curtain suppliers.

Some benefits of installing an air curtain.
Air curtains help promote a comfortable indoor climate for customers and employees.
A better indoor environment whether its with warm or ambient air.
Having open doors with air curtains provides a comfortable indoor feeling for passing prospective customers.
Air curtains save energy and protect the indoor environment from dust, fumes and insects.
Air curtains are easy to install and maintain.

Airtecnics heated air curtain  Frico heated air curtain

Air curtain - Air curtains.
Industrial air curtain.
Heated air curtain.
Stainless steel air curtain.
Recessed in ceiling air curtain.
High air flow air curtain.
TECO air curtain.
Levante slim air curtain.
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Selecting the correct air curtain.
Selecting the correct and appropriate air curtain for optimum efficiency and comfort is crucial to the performance of your new air curtain.
Air curtains that have too little air velocity will not be able to supply the necessary output to prevent cold draught entering near floor level.
Also installing a powerful air curtain at low door heights will feel uncomfortable for your customers.
The air curtain must cover the entire width of the door.
A heated air curtain will reduce cold draughts entering your premises.

The heated air curtain heater can be switched off in the summer time.
Always choose the correct air curtain for your premises,
Do not choose an air curtain on price.

RM series Heated Air Curtains.

* Available in 5 widths, from 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000.

Heated air curtain

RM series heated air curtain brochure.

RM seriesHeated air curtainPowerAir Velocity (m/s)
ModelDimensions LxWxHVoltageLow speedm3/hNoise (dB)HighLow (l/s)weight
RM2209-3D/Y  900x183x221600015005587.541614.5
RM2212-3D/Y1200x183x221 720025005787.569418
RM2215-3D/Y1500x183x2213 phase900030006087.583322


* Remote control incorporating on/off button, 1-speed heat and 1 speed ambient.

* All units are 221mm in height and 183mm deep.

Frico heated air curtain Frico heated air curtains - above door or recessed

Download pdf below for above door installed air curtains.

 PA2500 series, PA3500 series, PA4200 series

Download pdf below for recessed installed air curtains.

AR2500 series, AR3500 series

The below chart is for the 2.5 & 3.5 installation height heated Frico air curtains for above door installation

Model up to 2.5 installationMeasurementsPowerHeat OutputWeight
PA2510E08105 x 40 x 30 400/3/11.53/5/826
PA2515E12150 x 40 x 30400/3/17.53.9/8/1237
PA2520E16200 x 40 x 30400/3/23.16/10/1645
PA2510W105 x 40 x 30 230/1/0.454.722.5
PA2515W150 x 40 x 30230/1/0.69.231
PA2520W200 x 40 x 30230/1/0.911.540
PA2520W200 x 40 x 30230/1/0.911.540
Model up to 3.5 installationMeasurementsPowerHeat OutputWeight
PA 3510E08105X39X59400/3/11.52.7/5.4/844
PA 3515E12150 x 39 x 59400/3/17.33.9/7.8/1265
PA 3520E16200 x 39 x 59400/3/23.15.4/10.8/1683
PA 3510WH1105 x39 x59230/1/21142
PA 3515WH1150 x 39 x 59230/1/2.81661
PA 3520WH200 x 39 x 59230/1/3.52177
PA 3525WH250 x 39 x 59230/1/4.929100

Airtecnics heated air curtain Airtecnics OPTIMA range of heated air curtains - above door or recessed

Download pdf below for above door & recessed air curtains.


Optima wireless control

Optima recessed

Optima 1500E
Optima 2000E
Optima Wireless control only 1500E
Optima Wireless control only 2000E
Recessed Optima 1500E
Recessed Optima 2000E

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